North Hub forest

Reviewing needs and best practices of forestry in the North Hub

The ROSEWOOD4.0. North Hub covers Finland (LUAS, LUKE), Sweden (Paper Province) and Norway (Tretorget). The centre of the north decided to organise the first workshop with experts in two parts. Because of Covid 19, both workshops were organised as an online web meeting via Microsoft Teams.

The first part of the first online workshop was organised on 10 June 2020. It focused more on a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and with the forest experts the main needs of the SWOT were defined. The second part of the First Online Workshop took place on 23 September. The experts reviewed the list of best practices and forestry innovations from other ROSEWOOD4.0 hubs in advance and assessed those that can address the main needs of the Northern regions, according to the regional context. Through an online vote via Mentimeter a group of 13 Best Practises were selected to meet the main needs of the region.

Mentimeter vote

One of the weaknesses of the Northern Hub is the lack of local and qualified forestry labour, especially for harvesting, planting and forestry operations. There are many best practices from other regional hubs in which the Northern Region is interested, for example, Avatar, Forwarder and SilviSmart. On climate change issues, ROSEWOOD4.0 North Hub showed interest in, for example, C.A.F.E and Festmeter.