DFTB project brings revolutionary blockchain technology to the South East Europe’s AgriFood sector

Green Digital Innovation HUB (Green eDIH) – Romania, together with consortium partners: Tera Tehnopolis – Croatia, Hadas Bar – Israel, and Smart Village – Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in collaboration with Competence Center – Croatia and IT Cuspis – Croatia, implemented the project “Supporting Agri-food communities and networks in SEE through developing services on digital food quality and traceability using blockchain”,  a project funded by SmartAgriHubs through Horizon 2020, for the period May-September 2022. 

The project increased the participation of DIHs in the South-East Europe Region in the digital transformation of the Agri-food sector with a focus on food traceability by using blockchain.  

Consumers are still not sure what they are buying, especially for “premium” or/and organic food. It is crucial to provide the right tool to offer objective information about quality and traceability. In this way, consumers that are buying “premium” or/and organic food and are paying higher prices will be able to see the history of a specific piece of food. 

With the help of digitalization and blockchain technology, we showed how to create a transparent supply chain from Farm to Fork that will enable customers to be well-informed about the history of a specific package or piece of food from the store.  

By using blockchain technology, data about food quality information will be available to all participants in the supply chain and especially to consumers. By increasing transparency and traceability, the trust level between stakeholders in the value chain increases, and “premium brands” justify the trust and receive a boost in their marketing strategies.  

Moreover, by complementing the scouting and ecosystem building of regional needs in digital aspects of food traceability, the Consortium partners identified specific “Premium” food products to focus on during this project: eggs, black Slavonian pig, apples, wine, and avocado. For one chosen product per consortium partner, all elements of the Technology Road Map are implemented, demonstrating feasibility and benefits to each stakeholder. Digital food quality and traceability will be provided by using blockchain technologies in a testing environment with all processes and operations required for real-world application. 


About SmartAgriHubs:  

SmartAgriHubs is a project funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 funding instrument that brings together a consortium of over 164 partners in the European agri-food sector. SmartAgriHub aims to digitize European agriculture by promoting an agricultural innovation ecosystem dedicated to excellence, sustainability, and success. The SmartAgriHubs project serves as a catalyst for innovation in smart farming. By embracing and promoting European innovation in agriculture and IT, SmartAgriHubs is expanding digital solutions in the agri-food sector and helping farmers and their businesses achieve actual and achievable results. 


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