Cross-laminated timber boards in soft land harvesting in Finland

The CLT Access Matting project aims to study the applicability of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) boards in soft land harvesting. The project originated from the previous Rosewood project in 2019 when business idea creation workshops were held. Large investments in the Finnish forest industry create pressure to increase year-round timber harvesting and new solutions for the strengthening of the soil by different methods.

There are no known studies conducted in Finland on the use of CLT specifically in logging. The prototypes of the boards are prepared and field testing and demonstrations are ongoing. At the end of the project, the usability, durability, and profitability of the CLT board in timber harvesting are known.

The video was produced in the CLT Access Matting project, which is funded by the ERDF of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment of North Ostrobothnia. Project partners are Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Forest Centre, and Digipolis.


More information:
Lapland University of Applied Sciences.
Project manager: Anne Saloniemi