Read the South-West Europe hub bulletins!

Indforma is a bulletin produced by CESEFOR, our South-West Hub manager in Spain, and offers a daily compilation of the most relevant information in the sector, enabling its subscribers to find out, by consulting a single medium, what is happening in universities, research centres, administrations, associations and forestry and environmental companies and their associated industries.

The nearly 30,000 news items published in Indforma’s history have been read by more than 1 million reads for this newsletter so far. Indforma is fed by more than 500 sources of information (including the media, administrations, institutions, associations…) and the editorial team makes a careful selection and subsequent treatment to offer a summary of the news, which can be extended by the reader in the original source. In this way and in ten minutes a professional or anyone interested in the sector can, free of charge, find out the most relevant information about the sector.

In addition to the information service, Indforma also aims to provide support to institutions, associations and companies in disseminating their activities, research and the development of their projects.