ROSEWOOD4.0 Communication Materials

Communication materials are the means to reach diverse audiences. The ROSEWOOD4.0 project partners develop various communication products and dissemination and outreach activities, not only designed for a specific target audience, but adapted to particular needs and external purposes. Here you will find a sample of the most relevant materials created in the course of the project.


You can download the project brochure with information about the objectives of ROSEWOOD4.0 and its activities at the following links:

Downloadable translated versions of the brochure are also available in German, Polish and Croatian.

ROSEWOOD4.0 General Presentation

You can download the project overview to get an overview of the goals and outcomes foreseen in ROSEWOOD4.0.

Below you can also view three recorded presentations that provide more detail on the project developments.

ROSEWOOD4.0 Presentations (video recordings)