South-Eastern Hub

The South East Europe Hub, derived from previous ROSEWOOD East Europe Hub which gathered 53 members of the ROSEWOOD Network and 12 best practice and innovation from Croatia, Slovenia and Romania. Experts and local stakeholders defined “local wood for local use” as a prerequisite of the future development, generating 12 best practice and innovations from Croatia, Slovenia and Romania and 21 European best practice and innovation to be implemented in East Europe.

ROSEWOOD4.0 South East Europe Hub managed by Competence Centre Ltd covers project partners’ countries Croatia, Greece and Slovenia. All countries of the Hub are rich in natural resources especially forests, with great potential for supplying sustainable wood to Europe’s bio economy. The aim of the South East Europe Hub is to address the challenges specific to the regional forestry and wood industry sector through transfer of knowledge and expertise from other ROSEWOOD4.0 regions for strengthening local value chains of forestry and wood industry from the tree in the forest all the way to the final product with high added value.