Cross-border Open Innovation Bioeconomy Network – GreenCBC

GreenCBC project jointly tackles a couple of problems and challenges mutually complementary. The project main objective is to establish a cross-border Open innovation bioeconomy network “GreenCBC” as a solution to increase cooperation between SMEs, business supporting institutions and R&D institutions in order to answer these challenges.

  • There are support institutions to SMEs in the programme area but improvement of their professional structure and services to help SMEs build up performance and strengthen their competitiveness is still needed.

  • The private sector is technologically weak, resulting mainly from the low volume and low investments into R&D of the private businesses.

  • Collaborations between the private and public sector among R&D actors are few and insufficient. 

The creation of GreenCBC network in a defined sector project will create sustainable linkages between all relevant stakeholders regarding R&D and innovation in the programme area. 


  • educated SMEs and BSIs in the field of bioeconomy about innovation, technology transfer, new technologies, how to write EU proposal and potential future collaboration, 
  • established Green CBC Network, 
  • increased networking, dissemination of good practices and innovative approaches and cooperation between BSIs, SMEs and R&D institutions at national, regional and local level organizing brokerage events, and 
  • increased competitiveness and development of the business environment in the programme area by strengthening skills and knowledge of the BSIs, SMEs and R&D institutions.

Total project budget: 680.529,23 EUR

The amount of EU co-financing: 578.449,84 EUR

Duration of the project: 01.09.2020. – 31.08.2022. (24 months)

Programme Priority Axis: PA 4 / Enhancing competitiveness and developing business environment in the programme area.


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