ROSEWOOD4.0 Study Visit in Croatia: DetectIT for forest fire detection

The first South-East Europe Hubs study visit to Croatia was organised on 29 September 2021, online via the Zoom app and in person at the Gymnasium Velika Gorica in Croatia. This study visit was an opportunity for CEKOM, hub manager in the ROSEWOOD4.0 consortium, to present the project and its activities with an emphasis on best practices from the South East Europe Hub. After a presentation of our H2020 initiative, a video on the best practice “DetectIT – Forest Fire Detection Device” was shown.

One of the objectives of the study visit was to address the existing gap in the region regarding the insufficient level of implementation of digital solutions in forestry and wood industry, as well as the insufficient level of interest in investments in innovative digital solutions.

Mrs. Kristina Lučić (Computer Science teacher at Gymnasium Velika Gorica) briefly presented the development of the DetectIT device and Mr. Marko Knežević (Mathematics teacher in Gymnasium Velika Gorica) demonstrated its operation. The participants of the study visit concluded that DetectIT, a digital fire detection device, is useful for forest protection, but battery capacity and maintenance need to be improved for its application in forests.

From the ROSEWOOD4.0 consortium we had the opportunity to learn more about this device created by the Gymnasium Velika Gorica students, which has already been tested and installed in forest areas, and is also expected to be used in the household environment. This development has been presented in international competitions but has not yet been commercialised because so far no funding sources have been found to further improve the prototype.

Additional pictures of the event