Second workshop from ROSEWOOD4.0’s SouthWest Europe Hub

The Second ROSEWOOD4.0 SouthWest Europe (SWE) Hub Workshop will be held on 3 December 2020 in line with the participation of most of the same expert advisors and some others to be confirmed shortly. These new topics will be discussed in this new session organised by Fundación Centro de Servicios y Promoción Forestal y de su Industria de Castilla y León of Spain (CESEFOR) as SWE Hub manager:

  • Discussion and validation of the Hub Roadmap;
  • Presentation of new best practices identified in the hub and also from other EU Hubs to solve the specific regional weaknesses;
  • Approval of the five best practices chosen on the First SWE Workshop for the video interviews;
  • Knowledge platform presentation and Identification of the needs of practitioners for the knowledge platform
  • EIP AGRI initiatives: operational and focus groups’ characteristics and other alternatives.