Best Practice & Innovation – Virtual reality in the forest (Sweden)

ROSEWOOD4.0 presents in this video a new example of innovation and digitalisation in the Swedish forestry industry.

Through the company HIAB and its digital solution HiVision, the Swedish forestry sector is currently helping to increase efficiency, safety, sustainability and equality to enhance and modernise forest-related businesses. HIAB HiVision allows the operator wearing a virtual reality headset to sit in the cab of the truck and use joysticks to operate the functions of the crane.

This new system have several advantages for timber hauliers since there is no need for the dedicated crane cab, which saves on costs and 300 – 400 kg in weight. For instance, the truck driver does not need to get in and out of the driver’s cab which improves working conditions.

You will find more information about HiVision technology in HIAB’s website.