The new ROSEWOOD4.0 network: a post-H2020 alliance for a long-lasting era

The ROSEWOOD4.0 project was officially and successfully completed in June 2022, but that does not mean its real end. From the 1st July 2022, the ROSEWOOD4.0 network, coordinated by CEKOM (former ROSEWOOD4.0 partner and CEE Hub manager, Croatia), continues working on a voluntary basis with the contribution of all project partners (21 former ROSEWOOD4.0 partners) and, up to now, five additional members (IFER, AFR, FEUGA, CESAM and Taxus IT). The ROSEWOOD4.0 network is open to new members (e.g. organisations, clusters, associations, etc.) dealing with forestry and wood mobilisation outside of the former ROSEWOOD4.0 consortium.

The ROSEWOOD4.0 network meets (online) every three months for (1) the exchange of information, (2) the identification of future possibilities for cooperation (e.g. new proposals for EU funding programmes), (3) the collection of new Best Practices and Innovations for the ROSEWOOD4.0 Knowledge Platform, and (4) the discussion of relevant topics for the members of the network. Additionally, the network is publishing every four months a ROSEWOOD4.0 Newsletter (you can subscribe now here). If you are interested to join the network, please contact Danijela Bartolović (CEKOM,

 Virtual meeting of the ROSEWOOD4.0 Network on 13 October 2022 in the framework of the new alliance after the end of the H2020 project.

It is important to highlight that, after the completion of the project in June, the ROSEWOOD4.0 Knowledge Platform is now managed by EFI’s Bioregions Facility, ensuring that the platform and its content will be online and reachable for visitors in the long term. A new section called “ROSEWOOD (R) & ROSEWOOD4.0 (R4) Legacy” has been incorporated on the platform, including all relevant results and outcomes from ROSEWOOD4.0 (2020 – 2022) but also from ROSEWOOD (2018 – 2019), as for example public deliverables & reports, roadmaps, videos, EIP-AGRI practice abstracts and training material.

Furthermore, additional factsheets (currently, more than 275 are available) from newly identified Best Practices and Innovations will be added to the platform by the ROSEWOOD4.0 network, but also through new projects and initiatives. For example, the recently funded Horizon Europe GOFORESTS project (HORIZON-CL6-2022-GOVERNANCE-01), coordinated by the University of Florence and including ROSEWOOD4.0 former coordinator (SEZ) and several ROSEWOOD4.0 partners such as EFI, CESEFOR, CNPF, CEKOM and SFI. Between 2023 and 2026, GOFORESTS will feed the Knowledge Platform with new Best Practices and Innovations as key results from EIP-AGRI Operational Groups dealing with wood mobilisation and digitalisation in Europe.

From now on, the main communication and dissemination channels of the ROSEWOOD4.0 network will be the newsletter, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the EFI Bioregions Facility and CEKOM websites.