EU Network of Regions on Sustainable Wood Mobilisation Ready for Digitalisation


Taking the ROSEWOOD network to the next level!

ROSEWOOD4.0 connects multiple actors along the forest value chain to reinforce the sustainability of wood mobilisation in Europe. Building on the ROSEWOOD network of regional hubs, ROSEWOOD4.0 focuses on digitalisation (forestry industry 4.0) and digital tools (social media, platforms, e-learning) for training and coaching, enabling practitioners to share knowhow with much wider impact.

The ICT focus addresses two main challenges in wood mobilisation: 1) better access to resources through defragmentation of forest owners and; 2) increased volume to the market and higher transparency. By sharing ICT-driven solutions for forestry, ROSEWOOD4.0 will contribute to enhanced competitiveness of the forest industry and to vital development in rural areas within the European Bioeconomy.

What's new in ROSEWOOD4.0?

  • reinforced and enlarged links with Eastern Europe
  • new member countries: Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Sweden
  • greater geographical reach with FIVE regional hubs
  • digital training tools, materials and methodologies
  • increased flow of practical information between foresters in Europe
  • greater user uptake and adoption of solutions