ROSEWOOD4.0 call for new ideas and innovations in South-East Hub

The ROSEWOOD4.0 project is looking for ideas to solve specific weaknesses and needs in wood mobilisation. Submit your idea or innovation and participate in a workshop to find an implementation team for a chance to win acceleration support from the project network.

During May and June, the South-East Europe Hub (Croatia, Slovenia and Greece), as part of ROSEWOOD4.0 project is organising a series of workshops for the transfer and implementation of existing best practices and innovations. Do you have an idea, best practice or innovation that can solve one of the weaknesses or needs mentioned in the bottom of the page? Would you like that practitioners assess your idea, best practice or innovation and explore with them the possibility to transfer and implement it in another country?

Then, fill in this form and make chance of having your idea featured during an implementation workshop and send it to the South-East Hub contact person: Iva Božić


ROSEWOOD4.0 implementation workshops in South – East Europe

Date of the workshop: 27th of May 2021 (10h CEST)

If your idea, best practice or innovation can solve one of the below-mentioned gaps, and it is sufficiently different from the solutions that will be discussed, then send an email to the contact person of the respective hub with this form filled in: Iva Božić,

Gap 1: Lack of skilled professionals and interest to implement modern technologies (ICT)

-Solution 1: School of forestry / Norway

-Solution 2: Ingenious material/ Austria

-Solution 3: The Forestry Extension Institute / Norway


Gap 2: Lack of small PFO’s interest in forests and forest management

-Solution 1: HolzmobRegio / Austria

-Solution 2: Forest becomes mobile initiative / Deutschland


Gap 3: Insufficient level of awareness and lack of knowledge about the importance of recycling

-Solution 1: Climate Smart Forestry-Innovation / Finland

-Solution 2: Biomass trading centres calculation tool / Austria

-Solution 3: Ydalir district / Norway


Download Event Agenda (PDF)