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ROSEWOOD South Europe Hub for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation

Wood Mobilisation in the Hub Region
The ROSEWOOD Southern Europe Hub covers Spain, France and Italy. Despite a strong potential in terms of wood volume, the region faces many challenges concerning the mobilization of wood due to very fragmented forest property and the threat of serious forest fires, pests and forest diseases.
Challenges to wood mobilisation furthermore lie in the development of tools for the establishment of joint management models and the conception of more efficient utilization systems for low-value products, allowing their profitable use.

Hub Membership
By becoming a member of the ROSEWOOD South Europe Hub you will get exclusive access to the events and trainings offered by the Hub.
As active member you have furthermore the opportunity to share your views on wood mobilisation with the forest community.

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Other ROSEWOOD partners involved in South Europe Hub:

  • CESEFOR, Spain
  • Centre Régional de la Propriété Forestiére Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France
  • Junta de Castilla y Leon, Spain
  • Region of Tuscany, Italy

You will find further information on the ROSEWOOD partners' contribution to the Hubs here.

Information on the ROSEWOOD project and the South Europe Hub is also available in French, Italian and Spanish!



Hub Focus Topics
The Hub's aim is to find tailored strategies and solutions that help increase the wood mobilisation rate in the region, taking into account also non-forest sources of wood like urban greenery and non-wood products of forests such as cork and chestnut. A main focus will be on sustainable wood resource management and the question how to serve both, the demands of the industry and the protection of the region’s sensitive biodiversity, especially regarding the effects of climate change.


Riccardo Castellini
Pol. Ind. Las Casas, calle c, parc. 4 
42.005 - Soria - España


¿Desea obtener más informaciones sobre las actividades del Proyecto H2020 "ROSEWOOD"? En este video, los Responsables del Hub de Sud Europa, Riccardo Castellini y Álvaro Picardo, hablan sobre el proyecto y su visión para dinamizar el sector de la movilización de la madera.