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Sustainable wood mobilisation is a key element to an eco-friendly economy.

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ROSEWOOD North Europe Hub for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation

Wood Mobilisation in the Hub Region
The ROSEWOOD North Europe Hub covers the Nordic countries, in particular Finland and Sweden. The area has large forest resources and a high-level of forest expertise. Thanks to a long-standing tradition and the high professionalization of forest management and research, the rate of forest growth is stable and the number of harvests could be increased without compromising durability. In Finnish Lapland, for example, the annual growth of the tree stock is 13 M. cubic meters compared to a wood harvesting volume of 4-5 M. cubic meters. About 6.7 M. hectares of woodland are used for wood production. The challenges of wood mobilisation are related to fragmented and small-scale forestry, urbanization, long distances and unprofitable forestry management, which results, among other things, in the lack of tree care.

Hub Focus Topics
Within ROSEWOOD the North Europe Hub will put special emphasis on how to increase the efficiency of wood mobilisation in remote and fragmented forest areas. Meetings with regional stakeholders organised by the Hub will furthermore discuss the specific conditions of the Arctic for wood management, the potential impact of climate change on wood mobilisation and how to safeguard and increase the biodiversity of nordic forests.

Hub Roadmap for a Targeted Transfer of Best Practices and Innovations
ROSEWOOD elaborated for each of the four Hubs roadmaps, scrutinizing each region's existing capacities for wood mobilisation, recommending future actions and highlighting particular Best Practices and Innovations from across Europe whose transfer could improve the regional situation.

Download the whole roadmap here.

Executive summary of the North Europe Roadmap – better roads and tools for unlocking smaller amounts of wood
While forestry plays a very important part in Northern economies and the sector thus being highly-developed, there is still potential for sustainably unlocking more resources from the vast woodlands of the region. This is a central finding of the roadmap’s analysis for North Europe. Challenges arise from fragmented forest ownership and small and remotely situated forest plots resulting in long transportation distances for wood. Against this backdrop the profitability of forestry in some areas is low, also because big estates of young stands are in need for thinning and the forest road network urgently requires maintenance due to poor management by disorganized road cooperatives.

The roadmap for the Northern Hub highlights the benefit digital applications could bring to boost wood mobilisation in Europe’s North. Regarding the monitoring and improvement of the region’s forest road network, for instance, digitalization could be a main facilitator of road infrastructure overhaul, if opportunities are exploited strategically. A best practice of particularly use to the Northern Hub could be NavLog, a German app for road classification that helps to organize repairs and to prioritize main routes in the region. The roadmap also highlights community-owned joint terminals for long-distance transportations as innovative idea that could help increasing cost-benefits of logging in the North’s remote areas. It is now unto regional stakeholders to push for the uptake and transfer of such best practice examples to the northern context.

Hub Membership
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As active member you have furthermore the opportunity to share your views on wood mobilisation with the forest community.

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Other ROSEWOOD partners involved in the North Europe Hub:

  • LUKE - Natural Resource Institute Finland

You will find further information on the ROSEWOOD partners' contribution to the Hubs here.

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