ROSEWOOD North Europe Hub for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation


Sustainable wood mobilisation is a key element to an eco-friendly economy.

Sustainable wood mobilisation, the arctic way - Felling operations in Finland

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ROSEWOOD North Europe Hub for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation

Wood Mobilisation in the Hub Region
The ROSEWOOD North Europe Hub covers the Nordic countries, in particular Finland and Sweden. The area has large forest resources and a high-level of forest expertise. Thanks to a long-standing tradition and the high professionalization of forest management and research, the rate of forest growth is stable and the number of harvests could be increased without compromising durability. In Finnish Lapland, for example, the annual growth of the tree stock is 13 M. cubic meters compared to a wood harvesting volume of 4-5 M. cubic meters. About 6.7 M. hectares of woodland are used for wood production. The challenges of wood mobilisation are related to fragmented and small-scale forestry, urbanization, long distances and unprofitable forestry management, which results, among other things, in the lack of tree care.

Hub Focus Topics
Within ROSEWOOD the North Europe Hub will put special emphasis on how to increase the efficiency of wood mobilisation in remote and fragmented forest areas. Meetings with regional stakeholders organised by the Hub will furthermore discuss the specific conditions of the Arctic for wood management, the potential impact of climate change on wood mobilisation and how to safeguard and increase the biodiversity of nordic forests.

Hub Membership
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Anne-Mari Väisänen
Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Jokiväylä 11
+358 40 775 1893

Other ROSEWOOD partners involved in the North Europe Hub:

  • LUKE - Natural Resource Institute Finland

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