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ROSEWOOD East Europe Hub for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation

Wood Mobilisation in the Hub Region
The ROSEWOOD Eastern Europe Hub covers Croatia, Slovenia and Romania. All countries of the Hub are rich in natural resources especially forests, with great potential for supplying sustainable wood to Europe’s bio economy.

Nevertheless, there are several challenges in the field of wood mobilisation regarding the implementation of new technologies for wood utilization and the wood industry, the uptake of innovations and transfer of scientific knowledge into practice and into public policies as well as regarding the adoption of the European regulatory framework and access to funding sources.

Hub Focus Topics
The Hub will address the challenges specific to the Eastern Europe wood sector, such as the modernisation of tools used for the management of forests and the harvesting of wood, for example. The exchange with European experts in the framework of the ROSEWOOD Hub shall stimulate the innovative power of the wood sector and provide novel opportunities for local entrepreneurs in the region and beyond.

Hub Membership
By becoming a member of the ROSEWOOD East Europe Hub you will get exclusive access to the events and trainings offered by the Hub.
As active member you have furthermore the opportunity to share your views on wood mobilisation with the forest community.

You would like to become a stakeholder of the ROSEWOOD East Europe Hub?
Please sign the Membership Form and send it to the East Europe Hub Manager (contact below).

dr. sc. Ivan Ambroš
Centar kompetencija d.o.o za istraživanje i razvoj
Ohridska 17
32100 Vinkovci

+385 (0)32 540 685

Other ROSEWOOD partners involved in the East Europe Hub:

  • Hrvatski Sumarski Institut - Croatian Forest Research Institute
  • PRO WOOD Regional Wood Cluster, Romania
  • Gozdarski Institut Slovenije - Slovenian Forestry Institute

You will find further information on the ROSEWOOD partners' contribution to the Hubs here.

Information on the ROSEWOOD project and the East Europe Hub is also available in Croatian, Romanian and Slovenian!