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Sustainable wood mobilisation, the arctic way - Felling operations in Finland

Read about Metsähallitus approach to sustainable felling in this 2nd story from the ROSEWOOD...

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ROSEWOOD Regional Hubs for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation

ROSEWOOD is an inter-regional knowledge transfer network for the sustainable mobilisation of European wood.

ROSEWOOD has four Regional Wood Mobilisation Hubs in North, Central, East and South Europe, which are at the centre of the network and open for all stakeholders interested in unlocking the potential of European wood.

The connections and synergies created through this network wil impact Europe’s wood sector, initiate new partnerships and provide momentum for lasting growth and novel business opportunities. All for sustainable wood for Europe.

Become a part of the European wood mobilisation knowledge community

Hub Membership
You would like to support the sustainable mobilisation of wood? Join the ROSEWOOD network and participate in a trans-European knowledge exchange for strengthening the sustainable employment of wood resources.  

As a member of one of ROSEWOOD's regional Wood Mobilisation Hubs you will have the opportunity:

  • to share your knowledge and expertise in the domain of wood mobilisation
  • to receive valuable inputs for your work from best practices from all over Europe
  • to get inside information on the newest trends & innovations in wood mobilisation 
  • to participate in European events covering a wide range of pertinent topcis in wood mobilisation
  • to network with stakeholders of the forestry and wood industry community

There are two options for joining the Regional Wood Mobilisation Hubs:

  • Active membership: Active members will contribute to the project activities by providing feedback on the results or by providing best practices descriptions on a voluntary basis. Active members can be involved through participation to workshops, roundtables, events, questionnaires, surveys, etc. Participation is free-of-charge and on a voluntary basis. Active member will be regularly informed about the project results and outcomes as well as on Hubs activities.
  • Passive membership: passive members are followers and supporters of the project. They are regularly informed about project activities and outcomes but do not make part of the pool of members that provide active feedback to the project. Passive members are invited to attend all public events of the ROSEWOOD project.

You can download the Hub Membership Forms of the Hubs here:

  1. North Europe Hub - Membership Form
  2. Central Europe Hub - Membership Form
  3. East Europe Hub - Membership Form
  4. South Europe Hub - Membership Form

For more information on the Hub membership please contact the project coordinator or the ROSEWOOD Wood Mobilisation Hub of your home region (for contacts please see Hub pages).