Rewin – Best Practice from Slovenia

The main goal of the ReWin project is the development and commercialisation of wooden windows made of old, discarded wood, with special emphasis on wooden beams.  M Sora has developed a prototype of a timber window, ReWin, made of disposed timber. ReWin window is a unique example of a product that was developed by recycling the disposed timber that would otherwise end up int landfill and represents a completely fresh idea and innovation in the field of builders’ joinery.

The operation reduces the amount of discarded wood, which is otherwise deposited in landfills or burned. A new service life is given to old wood and its lifetime is extended, which directly influence the prolongation of CO2 storage. The key sources of old wood will are defined, technological solutions for the use of such wood was developed and procedures for the production of windows were developed in cooperation with R&D institutions with an emphasis on the analysis of contaminated wood, physical properties of wood and the appropriate surface treatment of such products.

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