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ROSEWOOD4.0 harnesses digital solutions and boosts knowledge transfer to connect multiple actors...

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News & Events

Forwarder2020 Demonstration at ROSEWOOD Central Hub Study Visit

Join the Central Hub on September 26th for a special demonstration of two innovative forwarder...

Join the ROSEWOOD South Europe Hub for a B2B event at ExpoBiomasa in Valladolid

With the occasion of ExpoBiomasa, the international fair for bioenergy in Valladolid, ROSEWOOD South...

Best Practice of the Month - Harvesting sustainably with Forwarder2020

The forwarder prototype sets new standards for forestry machinery, featuring various technical...

Best Practice of the month Metsää - Your own forest online

The Metsä eServices help to digitalize silvicultural management to the benefit of forest...

Best Practice of the Month Holzforum Allgaeu: Bringing new ideas to a traditional sector

The Holzforum Allgäu (Wood forum Allgaeu) demonstrates how to connect stakeholders across...

ROSEWOOD Network Hub Managers share their experience

The four Network Hubs in East, South, North and Central Europe officially took up their activities...

Improving transparency of timber supply chains, GPS tracking system Timflow - ROSEWOOD Best Practice of the Month May

With the launch of their new comprehensive GPS-based monitoring system Holzindustrie Schweighofer is...

The 2nd edition of the ROSEWOOD newsletter is out

The ROSEWOOD network has come a long way since its official launch in May 2018. Time to look back...

From bark to sawdust: Efficient use of wood - ROSEWOOD Best Practice of the Month April

At the Croatian wood interior company Spačva not a single splint is wasted. Each wooden side-product...

Forests fit for climate change - ROSEWOOD Best Practice of the Month March

What to do against climate change is a highly debated question these days. Read in this month's ...

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