LogBuch – Innovation from Germany

LogBuch is a product of LogBuch GmbH & Co. KG located in Germany. The software application presents a genuine advantage for foresters as it allows  collection and processing of tree data on-site, in the forest, using voice input only. During on-site inspections, foresters can record specific information for each tree they are passing. The app automatically registers the location via GPS and saves the information recorded. Based on these, LogBuch generates an automatic map of the forest displaying all information given for every tree. Documentation of the stock of trees, as well as harvesting locations, thus become more precise and easier to manage.

LogBuch is an important step towards wood mobilisation enabled by digitalisation. The approach of LogBuch can be used for many different applications in the future. The user-friendly system inspires foresters and/or forest owners to collect data about their forest estate. This does not only ensure the traceability of wood back to its origin but given the tremendous reduction of time and effort the app entails for forest management, also encourages the active mapping and mobilisation of wood resources.

Link to website: https://logbuch.xyz/

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