From bark to sawdust: Efficient use of wood in Croatia

At the Croatian wood interior company Spačva not a single splint is wasted. Each wooden side-product of manufacturing processes is harnessed for use.

The Croatian company makes full use of each log delivered to their depot, from debarking the logs to using sawdust for pellet production. In every stage of processing, another end product is created. Great emphasis is put on recycling management and re-using wood residues for the own production cycle, e.g. for generating energy for veneer dry kiln, steaming of logs or the heating of the press machine.

Best practice for cascading use of wood – a Croatian company manufacturing wood interiors shows how to fully utilize a timber log

Wood from forests is a valuable natural resource and unique renewable material. With a rising demand for wood in Europe, wood processing approaches such as the Spacva example that valorize each part of the log and waste as less material as possible are very important. They show how to exploit harvested wood to the maximum possible extent by bringing previously disposed wood into the economic cycle. Cascading use is a very interesting and nature-friendly form of wood mobilisation for it spares to some extent further logging.