ROSEWOOD4.0 Study Visit – Forests’ role in Finland

ROSEWOOD4.0 project organises a new online study visit to share experience and transfer knowledge. The online study visit, entitled “Forest Finland – Forest’s role in everything we have in Finland” will take place on 15th September. 

During the session, the Finnish Forest Association will provide information on how to use forests responsibly and reports on what is happening in Finland’s forest sector. In addition, speakers will present Forest Finland, the joint communication project of the Finnish forest sector which talks about the sustainability of the use of the northern forests and about the solutions the sustainable use of them offers. This campaign will awaken and raise peoples’ interest and encourage discussion about the forests’ role in Finland.


 We are pleased to invite you to participate to online Study Visit:

  • Date: September 15th
  • Time: 9:00 am – 10:30 CET
  • Format: Online via Teams (the link will be sent after registration)
  • Registration link. Please register by 15th of September


  • Rosewood4.0 – Kari Mäkitalo, Senior Scientist
  • Finnish Forest Association – Kirsi Joensuu, Executive Director
  • Forest Finland – Kai Lintunen, Head of International Communications
  • Discussion

More information:

Kari Mäkitalo , Senior Scientist, D.Sc. (Agr. & For.)

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Tel. +358 29 532 4465