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ROSEWOOD publishes last newsletter edition

With the final conference of ROSEWOOD a few weeks ago, the project had the unique opportunity to...

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Explore Best Practices and Innovations in Wood Mobilisation

The ROSEWOOD Concept & Tools

Mobilising resources, creating synergies and new opportunities for wood sector stakeholders

Mobilising Stakeholders – ROSEWOOD Network
Through the 4 Regional Hubs for Wood Mobilisation ROSEWOOD strengthens connections between stakeholders of the wood value chain at national & European level, creating awareness on the issue and opportunity for new partnerships.

Mobilising Knowledge – ROSEWOOD Best-practices & Innovations
ROSEWOOD selects and disseminates best-practices & innovations in wood mobilisation through the ROSEWOOD network, for enhancing knowledge transfer.
All Best Practices and Innovations gathered so far can be explored via the ROSEWOOD Map Viewer.

Mobilising Politics - ROSEWOOD Policy Analysis
ROSEWOOD assessed current policy instruments for wood mobilisation & provide recommendations for an EU policy framework.

Mobilising Regional Potential - ROSEWOOD Inter-regional roadmaps
In order to pave the way for improved wood mobilisation in European regions, ROSEWOOD prepared  inter-regional roadmaps, outlining regional strengths and weaknesses (SWOT Analysis) and the wood mobilisation potential to achieve inter-regional knowledge and experience transfer. Furthermore, ROSEWOOD established a coaching methodology, gathering advice and tools on how to transfer Best Practices and Innovations from one region to another (regional) context. The coaching methodology is addressed to cluster managers of the forestry and wood industry community, but can be of use to any stakeholder interested.

Mobilising the Value Chain – ROSEWOOD business opportunities
The ROSEWOOD network partners investigate current needs of the main stakeholders in the domain and analyse the value chain in order to favour interactions between multi-actors. Moreover, ROSEWOOD supports the emergence of collaborative projects through the organisation of new ideas generation workshop. Four ambitious projects (one per Hub) have been selected from these workshops, which will be presented at the ROSEWOOD final conference.

Mobilising Funds – ROSEWOOD Private and Public Funding Guide
By identifying and compiling key funding opportunities, ROSEWOOD seeks to leverage the access of private forest owners, regional governments and the wood industry to financing.