Network of Regions
on Sustainable
WOOD Mobilisation

Wood2Excellence Workshop on 12th November in Traunkirchen, Austria

Policy recommendations for strengthening sustainable forestry and wood processing will be discussed...

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The ROSEWOOD Concept & Tools

Mobilising resources, creating synergies and new opportunities for wood sector stakeholders

Mobilising Stakeholders – ROSEWOOD Network
Through the 4 Regional Hubs for Wood Mobilisation ROSEWOOD will strengthen connections between stakeholders of the wood value chain at national & European level, creating awareness on the issue and opportunity for new partnerships.

Mobilising Knowledge – ROSEWOOD Best-practices & Innovations
ROSEWOOD will select and disseminate best-practices & innovations in wood mobilisation through the ROSEWOOD network, for enhancing knowledge transfer.

Mobilising Politics - ROSEWOOD Policy Analysis
ROSEWOOD will assess current policy instruments for wood mobilisation & provide recommendations for an EU policy framework.

Mobilising Regional Potential - ROSEWOOD Inter-regional roadmaps
In order to pave the way for improved wood mobilisation in European regions, ROSEWOOD will prepare inter-regional roadmaps, outlining regional strengths and weaknesses (SWOT Analysis) and the wood mobilisation potential to achieve inter-regional knowledge and experience transfer.

Mobilising the Value Chain – ROSEWOOD business opportunities
The ROSEWOOD network partners will investigate current needs of the main stakeholders in the domain and analyse the value chain in order to favour interactions between multi-actors. Moreover, ROSEWOOD will support the emergence of collaborative multi-actors projects through the organisation of new ideas generation workshop, leading to the selection of 4 ambitious projects.

Mobilising Funds – ROSEWOOD Private and Public Funding Guide
By identifying and compiling key funding opportunities, ROSEWOOD will leverage the access of private forest owners, regional governments and the wood industry to financing.