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With the final conference of ROSEWOOD a few weeks ago, the project had the unique opportunity to...

Map Viewer:

Explore Best Practices and Innovations in Wood Mobilisation

ROSEWOOD Map Viewer - Showcasing Best Practices and Innovation in Wood Mobilisation across Europe

For a better, more sustainable and competitive forestry and wood sector

With the Map Viewer, an online knowledge repository, ROSEWOOD presents over 130 innovative projects, initiatives or products that are exemplary in their approach to sustainable wood mobilisation. The Best Practices and Innovations featured in the Map Viewer come from across Europe and cover various domains, from digital tools for forest management, new machinery for harvesting to novel approaches in wood logistics and recycling. ROSEWOOD partners selected those lighthouse cases together with experts, who evaluated them against a set of common indicators, the most prominent one being sustainability. The ROSEWOOD Analysis Report summarizes the Best Practice and Innovation selection and validation process.

Browse the Map Viewer and explore sustainable wood mobilisation made in Europe.


You would like to transfer a Best Practice and Innovation of the ROSEWOOD Map Viewer to your region? Check out the ROSEWOOD Coaching Methodologyand learn how to properly assess the potential of a particular Best Practice for enhancing sustainable wood mobilisation in your region and about the necessary steps for a targeted transfer.

In short, the methodology gathers advice and tools on how to transfer Best Practices and Innovations from one region to another (regional) context. The coaching methodology is addressed to cluster managers of the forestry and wood industry community, but can be of use to any stakeholder interested.



What are Best Practices and Innovations in Wood Mobilisation?

A best practice selected by ROSEWOOD is a new approach, innovative idea or product exemplifying that sustainable mobilisation and/or utilization of wood, which takes account of both economic and ecological factors likewise, is feasible.

The same applies for the innovations sought by ROSEWOOD. The kind of innovations ROSEWOOD seeks to promote encompass new instruments, models or approaches that provide an added benefit to wood mobilisation.    

A ROEWOOD best practice or innovation responds to a specific challenge of wood mobilisation, e.g. propose an interesting approach to activate unused wood resources or simply present a novel technology, e.g. a next generation digital GIS tools for wood stock monitoring that has not been widely introduced yet.

With the Map Viewer ROSEWOOD delivers a hands-on web repository of best practices and innovations, forestry and wood industry stakeholders can use in their work. The Best Practice and Innovations Analysis Report provides a comprehensive summary of the methodology used for the screening and selection of exemplary cases featured in the Map Viewer and the ROSEWOOD regional Roadmaps for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation.

Follow the 'Best Practice of the Month' series, kicked-off in February 2019, to check out a few examples of the ROSEWOOD Best Practice and innovation Map Viewer. More under the ROSEWOOD news section.

You would like to present your best practice to ROSEWOOD?
Describe your best practice using this template for Best Practices and this for Innovations and send a mail to or get in contact with your region’s hub manager.