Best practices and digital innovations for sustainable wood mobilisation: full collection of 100 factsheets

The ROSEWOOD4.0 consortium has recently produced a report documenting a selection of 100 Best Practices and Innovations (BP&I) in forest management, wood supply and forest-based industries exploiting relevant digital technologies and Industry 4.0 solutions. This report comprises the first batch of 50 initially selected BP&I (deliverable D1.3) plus the second batch of 50 additionally selected BP&I, presenting an overview of the full selection of 100 BP&I. All BP&I were jointly identified and validated by the project partners.

The consortium represents a living community of 21 organisations from 17 countries, organised in five European Regional Hubs which reach out to an even larger group of local stakeholders. The different categories and types of solutions that have been jointly identified by the Hubs are described and their relevance for wood mobilisation in Europe is pointed out.

The BP&I factsheets are published in our Knowledge Platform for Regional Forest Innovation, which is an open, multilingual repository created by the consortium to enable the widest possible dissemination of results. The complete BP&I selection with links to all online factsheets are included in the report. Spreading this knowledge in Europe will help practitioners and professionals to gain a better understanding of how the digital transformation in forestry can improve sustainable forest management and ecosystem resilience and thus benefit a more competitive forest-based sector in rural regions.

Download the report!