Best Practice & Innovation – Forest LidaRioja (Spain)

ROSEWOOD4.0 presents in this video a new example of innovative best practice from Spain for forest inventory and improvement of sustainable forest management. 

The Forest-LidaRioja initative was created with the aim of developing a forest inventory map and fuel model of the La Rioja region, in northern Spain, using remote sensing technologies. The main practical benefits of this initiative are the importance of improving sustainable forest management and enabling better decision-making and action planning in La Rioja’s forest areas.

The main results of the Forest-LidaRioja project are the elaboration of a forest inventory of the forests of La Rioja, the mapping of fuel models of the forest area of La Rioja to plan forest fire prevention works, the study of the evolution of poplar groves in the region and their supply potential, as well as technical training on the products generated for professionals interested in their practical use.

For more information on this best practice and innovation, please visit the project website: