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With the final conference of ROSEWOOD a few weeks ago, the project had the unique opportunity to...

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Sustainable Wood for Europe

ROSEWOOD is a European Horizon 2020 project dedicated to Sustainable Wood Mobilisation.

ROSEWOOD aims at building a trans-European network for the transfer of best practices & innovations in sustainable wood mobilisation.

Four Regional Hubs for Sustainable Wood Mobilisation in North, Central, East and South Europe are at the heart of the network, initiating dialogue and collaboration on the subject among practitioners, experts, political and economic players.

Together with these stakeholders ROSEWOOD will analyse the wood mobilisation value chain, identify the needs, select innovative solutions and best-practices in the field and support the development of new partnerships and business models. At the end of the two-year project, ROSEWOOD will deliver a toolbox of instruments and resources for sustainable wood mobilisation to be further used by the network.

ROSEWOOD: Enhancing sustainable wood mobilisation through inter-regional knowledge transfer

Over 43% of Europe is covered by forest. Throughout the European history forests have played an important role in the continent’s culture and economy.

Today, in light of a changing climate forests have grown to even greater significance, not only regarding the mitigation of its effects. As provider of green energy, wood is becoming more and more important. Also, wood has gained popularity in construction, being an ecological and versatile material. Yet the potential of wood for the European Bio-economy is not being fully exploited, considering the rising net annual increment of trees in Europe’s forests.

The challenge taken up by ROSEWOOD is to mobilise more wood from European forests, while safeguarding their inalienable ecological and social value.

The challenge is to mobilise more wood from European forests, while safeguarding their essential ecological and social value.



The mission of the ROSEWOOD network is to build up wood mobilisation capacities in European regions that have a sustainable amount of forest and other wood resources not yet employed to their full potential.

The project facilitates the transfer of best-practices among stakeholders of the forest and wood sector, from regional governments to private forest owners and logging companies.

The ROSEWOOD network shall close existing knowledge gaps, foster the up-take of technological innovations and novel business models that create lasting value for the EU’s Bio-Economy.

The main criterion in ROSEWOOD is sustainability. That means there is a balance between economic and ecological aspects, putting the sustainable future of forests at the heart of wood mobilisation actions.


Impact & Benefits

European Wood Mobilisation Network

The ROSEWOOD network on sustainable wood mobilisation will:

  • Open up new avenues of stakeholder cooperation at the regional and European level (joint workshops, brokerage events and databases)
  • Advance sustainable forestry development by fostering the exchange of innovative solutions and technologies for e.g. land management, infrastructure or ownership structure of forests
  • Initiate 4 inter-regional projects that will follow-up on the ROSEWOOD recommendations

A picture of the wood mobilisation opportunities

The information and instruments provided by ROSEWOOD will:

  • Enhance capitalisation of the wood mobilisation potential in each region involved in the project
  • Deliver recommendations for an improved EU wood mobilisation framework
  • Enable stakeholders of the wood mobilisation & use value chain to access private and public funding

Sustainable value creation for Europe's Bio Economy

Through the exchange of best practices and innovations among regions and stakeholders, ROSEWOOD will:

  • Strengthen the European wood sector’s competitiveness and innovation capacity
  • Contribute to an increased supply of primary and secondary wood raw materials to the forest-based bio economy, whilst preserving the EU forest ecosystems and forests‘ capacity to deliver all its functions



ROSEWOOD is a project initiated by and addressed to practitioners and experts in the field of sustainable forest management. All stakeholders of the wood and forest value chain, who are interested to share their knowledge and participate in a European dialogue on sustainable wood mobilisation, are welcome to join the ROSEWOOD network and benefit from the tools developed.

In particular, ROSEWOOD seeks to enable:

Foresters and forest owners

  • Becoming active partners in the wood mobilisation value chain.
  • Gaining knowledge and receiving support in exploiting R&D&I results and best practices as well as exploring business development opportunities.

The wood industry

  • Raising awareness of the potential and opportunities of sustainable wood mobilisation
  • Getting access to new business models based on innovations in sustainable wood mobilisation

Research and Academia

  • Closing research and innovation gaps through better-directed and development based research
  • Activating partnerships with value chain stakeholders in response to their demand